BioCell Protein Carbonyl Assay Kit

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The price for one BioCell Protein Carbonyl Assay Kit is US$440.00 plus freight. We offer a 5% discount for five or more, and a 10% discount for ten or more kits. Quotes available on request.

Dispatch Details

We air freight all orders using international express couriers, so you can be sure of receiving your kit within one week, no matter where in the world you may be.

Freight Costs

The more kits you order, the lower the freight charge.

Number of Kits 1 2 3 4 5 8 10
Australia 25 35 45 50 70 75 80
Canada/USA/Asia 50 70 85 95 110 120 130
UK/Europe 50 70 85 95 120 130 140
Rest of World 55 85 100 120 135 145 155

Figures are in US$.

Catalogue Number

BioCell Protein Carbonyl Kit : BPCK01

Payment Details

On dispatch we will email you an invoice in US$ with details of our bank account for payment.


Please send your order, order number and delivery and postal address by email:

All product prices, quantities and expected deliver details will be confirmed via return email.

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