Development and Manufacture of Vaccines and Sterile Injectables

BioCell Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes human and animal health products from its facility in Auckland, which is GMP-approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries, NZ.

BioCell Corporation is a New Zealand biotechnology company dedicated to the process development and manufacturing of vaccines from virus and bacterial sources. Working with some of the most esteemed companies, we contract manufacture vaccines and sterile injectables- formulating, trialing and registering new products, as well as providing extra services such as packing, filling and product regulatory documentation.


BioCell Protein Carbonyl Assay Kit

The BioCell Protein Carbonyl Assay Kit is an enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA) for the measurement of protein carbonyls in biological samples.

Protein carbonyls are formed through oxidation of proteins by a variety of mechanisms. They are sensitive markers of oxidative injury. This kit provides a convenient method for analysing protein carbonyls on a small amount of protein and is amenable to processing a large number of samples.

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