About Biocell

Biocell is a biotechnology company with manufacturing and production facilities in Papatoetoe, Auckland, and a testing facility in Wanaka, Otago


Biocell is a leading biotechnology company in New Zealand. At Biocell, we recognise that humans, animals, and plants are interconnected, and acknowledge that global health challenges require collaboration between these sectors. We support the ‘One Health’ approach to achieving public health goals by using our technology for the manufacture of human, animal, and plant biological products. One Health is an important approach whereby optimal health outcomes are achieved through collaboration and intercommunication of multiple sectors and disciplines.

We are dedicated to the process development and manufacturing of high-quality sterile injectables and vaccines. Our manufacturing and production facilities, located in Auckland, are state-of-the-art and GMP-approved. Our Auckland facility has been in operation since 1960, and has worked with many key players to formulate and produce sterile injectables and vaccines for global export. This wealth of experience makes Biocell a highly sought-after partner and contract manufacturer by both multi-nationals and research institutions alike.

At Biocell, we are passionate about helping clients manufacture vaccines, sterile injectables, biofertilisers, and other biological products to positively impact human, animal and plant health. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Our Mission

We are committed to the consistent production of high-quality human, animal, and plant biological products. In line with GMP-compliance, our quality control processes include thorough documentation throughout the manufacturing process, frequent validation of practices and equipment, regular internal and external audits, as well as calibrating, cleaning, and maintaining all equipment and facilities. Our highly experienced and qualified staff members are regularly trained and undergo frequent validation checks.
We’ve worked closely with Universities, Crown Research Institutes and Fonterra to commercialise a range of new products.
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